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My Newest Love – I Made a Barnboard Harvest Table!


Well, if you know me you will know that once I get an idea into my head I obsess about it until it is a reality!  This was the case, once again, with my idea of making a harvest table for my back yard.

I was watching A Good Year with Russell Crowe and loved the feel of the whole film – the outdoor entertaining that seemed to go on for hours. I know it took place in France but I’m in Ontario’s Wine Region so that will have to do!


I’m in need of new patio furniture – the sets for sale in big box stores are so affordable that they seem to be disposable at the same time.  Rust appears in about a year or two and the look is just too cookie cutter for me anymore.  I thought about how when people come over for a BBQ party they end up setting down their chairs in a circle of sorts and soon enough you are in a ring unable to talk to friends on the opposite side as you. I decided that getting rid of all my sets and mixed chairs planned and to replace it all with a long and narrow harvest table.  Now, how do I do that?

Lucky for me, my ultra handy dad has just retired…so I planted the seed of a great ‘project’ we could do together.  I found an image on purestylehome.blogspot.com of a harvest table made with saw horse legs and emailed him some shots.  The seed sprouted and we were on our way searching for lumber.

Loved this idea so I ran with it!


Finding old sawhorses proved to be more difficult than I thought.  I asked farmers and flea market guys and received suggestions to use ‘good sturdy metal ones’ from Canadian Tire – not the look I was going for!  Also, after deciding to make my table 10′ long, I’d need 3 saw horses and they’d need to be the same sizes.

Plan B…

I could make my own, using old lumber and that became the plan. Until I made a discovery in my dad’s barn.  I found the perfect base – an old harvest bottom from a fruit farm that was used to sort and pack peaches and plums.  Perfect size, made in the late 1800′s.  Perfect!  Except my dad had set it aside for one of his own projects for “when he finds the time”.  I tried begging, pleading, saying how much easier it would be…he didn’t budge.  After a couple weeks and closing in on summer entertaining time – I sent a cash offer via text.  After a couple days he accepted…and we were off once again!

I am one of the lucky ones that has parents with barns filled with old furniture, lumber, you name it.  They used to be antique dealers and could also be labeled as ‘horders’ though I prefer ‘collectors’.  I needed perfect boards for the top.  Several options were discovered but nothing that was absolutely perfect.

In the truck my dad and I went – driving from local farm to local farm – in search of my barn board vision.  Eventually we lucked out and found a friend that said he was tearing down a small barn, just hadn’t gotten around to it. We were welcome to stop by and take what we needed, no money wanted.  JACKPOT!

Don’t worry, I left some beer and freshly baked cookies for him – what a great guy!

Carefully selecting and removing the boards was fun - how satisfying!

Why am I the only one wearing safety glasses??

After we got the boards home, we laid them out, made the cuts and nailed them down using some original square headed nails I found in my dad’s machine shed (I know, right?)

Measure twice, cut once!

After staining the raw edges a soft gray, I went with a semi-gloss exterior varathane to protect it and bring out its character.  Ready for the big reveal???


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