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Gray is the Hot Colour – Here Are My Faves…


For the last 10+ years we have been seeing neutral shades of beige as backdrops in decorating.  The shift to gray started a couple years ago and is in full force today.  Gray is a great choice; it can have any undertone and goes with almost any accent colour you love.

The easiest way to select the right shade of gray for your space is to start by looking at your flooring and furniture to decipher if they are cooler tones or warmer tones.  If you are starting from scratch, you could decide what accent colour you want to see in your space – is it cool or warm?  All colours can be one or the other – for example, red that has a slight burnt orange tone is a warm red while a red with a slight blue tone is a cool red.  Sometimes a colour can be really neutral and will work with nicely with warm and cool colours.  You can get started with the right shade of gray once you have decided if you want one that is warm or cool.  Here are my top picks:

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 sourced from houzz.com via Pinterest

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter HC-172: a soft, light, neutral gray that can work with warm or cool tones. This can be called a ‘greige’ shade -  mix of beige and gray.  I have used this colour in several homes – it is fresh and soothing and I love it with purples, blues and canary yellow.





Sarah Richardson's SR13-Cashmere

Sarah Richardson’s Cashmere SR13: a neutral medium gray that suits cool and warm accents – if you are unsure of your gray thry this one!




Sarah Richardson SR57-Tarnish

Sarah Richardson’s Tarish SR57: a deep, neutral shade that looks great on a front door or shutters with classic red brick, creamy coloured siding and inside as accent walls or to add drama in any room.  It has a slight teal/green hue to it but works with warm or cool tones – lovely!




Coventry Bay HC-169 sourced from mariakillam.com via pinterest_

Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray HC-169: a cool medium gray with a slight blue undertone.  I love this in a living room with seaside inspired colours as accents or in a kitchen with white cabinetry.  Carrara marble, slate and chocolate woods compliment it very well.





Benjamine Moore Smoky Taupe CC-490


Benjamin Moore’s Smoky Taupe CC-490: a medium warmer gray; I’ve used this in many model homes a sit is rich and neutral, working well with most tones espcially warm ones.  This image is well-lit so it appears lighter but it can appear quite deep on cloudy days and at in the evening.




I hope that helps you select the right shade of gray for your project.  Remember that like most colours, gray will change as the amount of lighting changes.  Send me a comment if you are still unsure or want more tips!



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